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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Gameplay Footage

Posted on August 15th, 2016 by Kevin

Having put zillions of hours into the original Mount and Blade, Warband, and Viking Conquest, I’m just about excited out of my mind for Mount and Blade 2. The original game blew me away with its massive, no-nonsense medieval battles, the first I’d seen to really lack fantastical elements and stay purely in the realm of historical realism. Of course, the world was fake and the factions were total fiction, but later games like Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest were painstakingly accurate. As a nerd with a history degree, I can’t tell you what that did to my excitable parts. And now, there’s a whole new generation of Mount and Blade coming out. This new demo footage is a great look at what’s to come. 


The recent gameplay footage showcased some awesome features, and I’ll go through them here. 


Deployable Siege Weaponry

The video begins with a demonstration of the new deployable siege weapons. They can be used by both players and the AI, so make sure to stick them in the most practical possible spots. 


Archery is Still Badass

In the original game, archery skill was clutch. If you leveled up your archery stat enough, you could end up defending an entire siege on your own. The new gameplay footage starts out with a lot of bow and arrow action from a skilled dev looking to do just that. 


Offensive Siege Weapons

More than just ladders and siege towers, the offensive side of the siege is beefing up. During the video, a catapult does some hefty damage to the defending structure. A covered battering ram is dragged to the gates, eventually cracking them wide open. I can’t wait to see the extent of the offensive siege options. 


Murder Holes

Perhaps the thing that made my jaw physically drop was when the player runs to the murder hole above the gatehouse. I didn’t know fully what was to occur, but watching arrows reign down through the ceiling on the siegers was pretty cool. But it was much cooler to watch the player pick up huge rocks and fling them down on top of the enemy soldiers from the murder hole. 


Organized Defense

Watching the player call in orders on the fly was nice. Here’s hoping things work a little better than in the last iteration. 


Chop, Chop, Chopping Away

The video ends with the player getting into the meat and potatoes of Mount and Blade siege warfare -- chopping heads in tight spaces. In the gatehouse, crowded with both enemy and ally, an eager defender will do the only thing he can -- chop until you drop. 


The new footage gives me hope that Mount and Blade 2 will soar past its predecessor. Here’s hoping for a worthy sequel to a breakout series.